Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless Steel Mesh

by The Vaping Buddha $4.00
This is a 2-pack of pre-cut 2.3"x2" stainless steel mesh. Great for building your own wicks. Available in #400 (400x400) and #500 (500x500)


Wash all wick and wire you purchase, from me or anywhere. These products are manufactured on heavy machinery and subject to various machine lubricants and other potential contaminants. A quick rinse and thorough torching should be enough to clean the mesh. If your oxidizing process does not include a torch, I recommend boiling the mesh 2 times, changing the water between boilings. At least 3-4 minutes per boil.

Rebuildable Atomizers are an advanced user product. They are fiddly to deal with but an amazing experience once you get them figured out. Please educate yourself on the proper use of SS Mesh as a wick. Not properly treating it can cause a short in your device which will have different implications depending on what device you are using. Always vape responsibly!

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