Smok-e Mountain Vanilla 18350

Smok-e Mountain Vanilla 18350

by Smok-e Mountain $159.00 $189.00


Smok-e Mountain Vanilla (18350) Edition


Made with pride in the Philippines, the Smok-e Mountain Vanilla 18350 stainless edition is a pure mechanical device that packs a serious punch. With fully adjustable copper contacts there is minimal voltage drop so you get loads of power to your atomiser.
The body of the device is made from 304 stainless steel and features a locking feather-light bottom button in brass embellished beautifully with the Smok-e Mountain logo. This is one device that is priced right and will make a great addition to the Kayfun or any 22mm atomiser.


The Vanilla 18350 Base Unit Includes:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Battery Housing with engraved Vanilla logo (18350 sized tube)
  • Fully adjustable centre pin 22mm flat top 510 Atomiser Connector cap
  • Locking brass switch mechanism with adjustable throw engraved with the Smok-e Mountain logo and serial number 


Approximate Dimensions (without atomizer):
Length: 70mm
Diameter (outside): 22mm


Please note: It is normal for occasional slight imperfections in the finish to be visible on some units and it does not affect the operation of the device.

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