Nimbus V4 Dripper Atomizer

Nimbus V4 Dripper Atomizer

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The Nimbus V4 Dripper is the newest atomizer from JPGE. The V4 is an upgrade from the Nimbus V3 because it has a large well for e-liquid. This allows more to be caught in the well instead of the occasional leak. The Nimbus V4 Dripper hits just as well if not better than the previous Nimbus version!


New Nimbus V4 rebuildable atomizer are in stock! The Version 4 now comes with improved curved juice well and concaved caps for better E-liquid wicking! Same nimbus quality and performance.

  • Nimbus V4 now features curved juice wells for better wicking efficiency
  • Original Classic Nimbus Quality and Performance
  • 3 Post for Single, dual, triple, or quad coils!
  • Huge Vapor Clouds
  • Excellent Flavor
  • Advanced Vapers Only 
The "Spit Back Protection" does the following: as the name suggests, it protects you from the irritating spitbacks you get when your dripper gets "flooded" by your ejuice. it also serves as a "Flavor Booster" because of the hole size inside the driptip hole. It concentrates the vapor from the wick to your taste buds or mouth so that you taste your juice better. 
NIMBUS is the ONLY Filipino Made Atomizer that has a Spit Back protection.

The NIMBUS Atomizer has TWO insulators (another first here in the Philippines). The one on top is a soft insulator, this one serves as a warning about how you treat your NIMBUS, if it gets bloated you're it means you're torching your NIMBUS directly straight into the insulator(i know it sounds stupid, but a lot of people to this.) The other insulator on the bottom part is made of PA66 it's high heat resistance and placement makes it near impossible to destroy (not unless you're really trying to destroy it). 
The Juice Well is a nice thing to add specially for some "Over Droppers" out there. With this, the excess juice that falls from your wick will stay below it and when it's time to the wick will absorb the excess juice NO WASTED JUICE from your atty now 

The Three Poles of the NIMBUS RA makes Dual Coil or even QUAD Coil builds easier to make. Oh and the holes in the poles makes rebuilding your wicks easier too!


Blow clouds! Blow more clouds! The Nimbus has a cult following among rebuilding enthusiasts because of it's ease of use.  

  • Drip Atomizer
  • 2 Airholes located on outer casing, 1mm each
  • 510 Threaded
  • Two philips head screws for positive/negative posts
  • Extra post for Single or Dual Coil configuration
  • Rebuild using wick and wire (not included)
  • Stainless steel body and base
  • Fits most 510 drip tips
  • Larger curved well
  • Concave cap


Rebuildable atomizers are for the experienced vapers with access to multimeters and a working knowledge of how electronic devices work.  Please ensure care is taken as to not cause damage/harm to the atomizer, vaping device, or yourself.

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