Kanger Replacement Dual Coils

Kanger Replacement Dual Coils

by Kanger $3.00

Kanger Protank 3 / Aerotank Replacement Dual Coil Heads contains the wicks and dual heating coils which serves to vaporize E-Liquid into vapor.

T hese Bottom Dual Coil Head Replacements are a breeze to change out and will save you money by allowing you to rebuild/replace your Protank 3 or Aerotank .

IMPORTANT NOTEThese Heads are compatible to use ONLY with the Kanger Protank 3, the Mini Protank 3, the Genitank (all sizes) & the Aerotank.

Available in 1.0 ohm (dual 2.0 ohm), 1.2 ohm (dual 2.4 ohm), 1.5 ohm (dual 3.0 ohm), 1.8 ohm (dual 3.6 ohm coils) and SUBOHM 0.8 (dual 1.6 ohm coils).

Comes as 1 single coil, or 5 pack 


PLEASE NOTE: 0.8 SUBOHM coils and 1.0 ohm are not recommended for regulated/ego batteries with protection circuitry. Some regulated batteries will also not fire 1.2 ohm coils, please refer to your battery's ohm limits. 


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