GP Custom Akuma mechanical mod mechmod authentic genuine copper pinoy

GP Custom Akuma

by GP Custom $230.00
Product Details:
-Red copper modular tubes
*18350 full tube w/ Akuma Logo
*18500 full tube w/ Akuma Logo
*18650 sleeve
-Red copper bottom cap
-Australian brass top cap & lock ring
-Copper coated Silver pins
-Floating positive w/ telescopic pin for adjustment of atomizer and battery
-Easy twist Locking mechanism
-22mm diameter
-Engraved top and bottom cap logos
-Laser engraved AKUMA logo
-Handmade bottom (screw) designed for AUTHENTICITY
-Handcrafted wooden box (serialized) packaging made by a real tribe from mountain province
-Cnc made
-101% made in the PHILIPPINES!!!!X

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