Fa-Q Vapes - Guava Blast 30ml

Fa-Q Vapes - Guava Blast 30ml

by Fa-Q $20.00

After a long day of studying the activity of a tropical volcano, you feel a troubling rumble. The volcano bursts and there is limited time to leave. The treat of being engulfed with molten rock is imminent. The eruption occurs, but this is like nothing before. What you assumed was magma is actually a thick, syrupy sweet liquid that is cool to the touch. As your instincts compel you, you dip a finger into this curious concoction. A flavor medley of Guava and Lemon Grass immerse your taste buds into bliss. 

Fa-Q™ Vaping E-LIQUIDS are designed specifically for use in RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) and are Max VG dripping liquids.

Fa-Q does not add PG (propylene glycol) to their e-liquids, however some of the flavors do contain some PG.

Fa-Q™ uses premium ingredients, lab grade nicotine, and is developed, bottled, and distributed from right here in Northern California.


30 ml glass dropper bottle

(Formerly named "Guava Lava" by "DripTonic")

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