eGo Beauty Ring, Cone, Skirt - Polished

eGo Beauty Ring, Cone, Skirt - Polished

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eGo Beauty Ring/Cone/Skirt

This accessory screws onto your ego battery in order to hide the threads of the battery, to give the electronic cigarette a more smooth look. The cylindrical ring is good for use with cartomizers, clearomizers, ProTanks, Vivi Nova tanks and other atomizers that are for the 510 thread on top of the eGo battery that do not cover the outside threads. This type is better for larger tanks, such as the 3.5ml Vivi Nova tank and DCT Tanks.


Looks amazing with the ProTank, ProTank II & III.


It is slightly wider, so not an exact fit but it has the air channels on it.

Designed for an eGo battery to hide the threads when you are vaping.  

Gives a finished look to your eGo.

This one has air channels on the opposite side


Dimensions us | metric
Depth 19 mm
Height 10.4 mm
Width 19 mm
Product Weight 5.9 g

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