The Vaping Buddha is providing 🚚FREE SHIPPING🚚 and 🚗CURBSIDE PICKUP🚗 options during Shelter in Place for all of our customers.
( ◕‿◕) ✈️📦 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING to APO/FPO Destinations for Military Service Members. 📦 ✈️ (◕‿◕ )
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      For the duration of Shelter in Place, The Vaping Buddha is only processing online orders for shipping or curbside pick up. If you are interested in taking advantage of our curbside pick-up option please follow these steps:


      1. Select items, and checkout.

      2. FOR ALL SAN FRANCISCO RESIDENTS please use our shops address for the SHIPPING FIELD information and for the BILLING FIELD you use your own.

          FOR ALL CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE SAN FRANCISCO you may use your own address or our store address for the SHIPPING FIELD and for the BILLING FIELD you use your own.

      3. Select LOCAL PICKUP and continue to complete your order.

      4. The FINAL STEP will bring up a pop up window for you to verify your age through Bluecheck. Once this has been completed your order will be ready for pick-up.

      5. You may call to confirm that your order has gone through smoothly, or you may come to our shop and give us a call when you are parked in front. A staff member will drop off your goods directly to your car.


      If any there are any additional questions or if you require any assistance please contact us at or give us a call at (650) 952-3596.