Attention Online Customers! (FREE SHIPPING + Age Verification)

As California's Governor Brown has signed California State Senator Mark Leno's Senate Bill 5 (SB2-5X) into law effective June 9 2016, vaping has been classified as equivalent to smoking in California, and California tobacco laws now apply to all vapor products. The "smoking" (and by this law, "vaping") age has also been raised to 21 in California.

Further, the Food and Drug Administration has established its authority over Electronic Cigarettes and effective August 8 2016, requires that all vendors (online and in store) verify customers' ages via valid ID.

In order to comply with California and other states' age based restrictions (and to continue to offer FREE SHIPPING), The Vaping Buddha has partnered with BlueCheck to verify our customers ages at point of sale. After completing a purchase, customers will be redirected to BlueCheck to verify they are of legal vaping age in their state.

Thank you for your understanding as we comply with state and federal regulations and continue to offer customers across the country the best selection in vaping!

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