Genuine Ekowool Silica Wick - Braided

Genuine Ekowool Silica Wick - Braided

by Ekowool $6.50

EKOWOOL Silica braid / hollow cord from Russia !

Cotton Threaded or Hollow Core!!!

Please note that the diameters description is what we were given by the factory. Your measurement may vary.

Sold in 2 foot lengths.   As per the manufacturer, diameter measurements are of the "inner diameter".

Qty 1 = 2 feet, Qty 2 = 4 feet, Qty 3 = 6 feet, etc


REVISED Prep instructions:

  • Secure the ends with a small piece of wire so they don't fray
  • Boil in distilled water for 15 minutes
  • Let dry

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