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      News — rebuildables

      Aqua v2 Replica Tank and Dripper Rebuildable Atomizer at The Vaping Buddha

      We love our rebuildable tanks and attys at The Vaping Buddha, so our socks have been knocked off by the Aqua V2 replica! Chimney style, dual coil across 2 posts with several holes (single coil possible, thx for showing us Jeff!)... HUGE wick channels to keep up wicking and the delicious amount of airflow. Did I mention you can remove the entire tank for coil maintenance without messing up the vacuum?!

      Kit comes with stainless and plastic tank sections, AND an adjustable airflow cap with offset 510 driptip hole to turn it into a DRIPPER! Best of both worlds... tank for that morning commute (#DontDripAndDrive!), rda cap for when you want to get your drip on. Swing by TVB to check out this dual coil, dual rda/rba setup today, or ORDER ONLINE at!

      Orchid v2 Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Replica at The Vaping Buddha

      Orchid v2 rebuildable chimney rba replicas available again at The Vaping Buddha! We are big fans of this version as the deck has raised airholes, meaning less chance of flooding from the deck and leakage. These replicas feature a bottom fill screw, wide dual airholes, a split center post for easy mounting of dual coils, and NO LOGO on chimney. Come by and try the $30 Orchid v2 at TVB today, we have a tester behind the counter to try out! Or as always, ORDER ONLINE at

      Crescent Moon CMII Zenith Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer and AFC Rings Now Available at The Vaping Buddha


      Authentic CMII Zenith Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer now available at The Vaping Buddha! The Crescent Moon Zenith RDA features a lockable airflow ring with huge air, post slits instead of traditional postholes for accommodating heavy and twisted gauges of wire, a silver plated connector for maximum conductivity, and replaceable accent rings to match any and all of your mechmod setups. Come check out this epic dripper today, or ORDER ONLINE with FREE SHIPPING! 615 W Orange Av South San Francisco CA

      26650 Batteries and Replica Mechmods Available at The Vaping Buddha


      Ready for a "that's what she said" weekend? The Vaping Buddha has a huge selection of 26650 sized replica mechmods, rda's, and 35A 26650 MXJO batteries... perfect fit of long lasting battery life, giant amp limits, and super deep well drippers. Come check out these big boy toys at The Vaping Buddha today! 615 W Orange Av South San Francisco CA