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      News — accessories

      MXJO CC1 3 bay smart charger now available at The Vaping Buddha!

      MXJO CC1 3 bay smart charger subohm battery The Vaping Buddha South San Francisco vape shop located in San Mateo County California SFO

      Your charger isn't charging like it used to, good thing the MXJO CC1 3-bay smartcharger ($33 + FREE SHIPPING) just arrived at The Vaping Buddha! 3 bays that can independently cycle thru .5, 1.0, and 1.5A power, LCD display that shows progress and time, smart charging capable so it won't overcharge your batts, CAN ALSO CHARGE NiCAD (AA, AAA, etc), and even includes an ego charger port! Treat your batteries the way they like to be treated with the MXJO CC1, come by TVB or ORDER ONLINE WITH FREE SHIPPING at!