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      News — 18650 batteries

      Basen 18650 2600mah 40A Batteries Now Available at The Vaping Buddha


      You will start seeing these everywhere soon, but don't forget you saw them at The Vaping Buddha first! We've been testing the Basen 40A 18650 battery for weeks now behind the scenes, both in our personal mods and thru several of our vapefam and the consensus is unanimous, we LOVE these batts!!! 2600mah, 30a cont/40a pulse, amazing!

      In unregulated mods, the upper end fresh off the charger beat all other batts in our collections, giving a noticibly stronger vape side by side. They have been keeping up with the very low ohm builds of some of our fam (fyi 40a pulse = 0.1ohm; we always recommend using cont but to each their own :)) The vape time is longer than other comparable 650's before needing to be swapped, in both mechanicals and regulated mods.

      Two caveats to these beasts, the wrapper is thicker than others so in some tight tube mods it's a bit of a squeeze. They do take longer to charge side by side, but we think it's more than worth it.

      Drop into TVB to pick some up to compare (we have 26650 Basen 4200mah as well), or ORDER ONLINE at!