As California's Governor Brown has signed California State Senator Mark Leno's Senate Bill 5 (SB2-5X) into law effective June 9 2016, vaping has been classified as equivalent to smoking in California, and California tobacco laws now apply to all vapor products. The "smoking" (and by this law, "vaping") age has also been raised to 21 in California.

Further, the Food and Drug Administration has established its authority over Electronic Cigarettes and effective August 8 2016, requires that all vendors (online and in store) verify customers' ages via valid ID.

To do so, online orders will be required to ship via USPS Priority Mail with Adult Signature Restricted Delivery. The cost to ship will now be $13 ($7 USPS Priority Mail + $6 USPS Restricted Delivery Fee cost) and purchasers must be 21 years or older.  We are no longer able to offer FREE SHIPPING because of the FDA's ID requirement :(

Adult Restricted Delivery requires that the purchaser (only, not a household member) present a valid, government issued ID to the USPS carrier to verify purchaser is 21 or over. USPS will not leave packages without ID verification (they will be routed to local post offices for pickup if purchaser not at home), and if customer is not 21 the package will be returned to sender. Shipping fees will NOT be refunded for orders shipped to customers who cannot produce valid ID to USPS.

We truly apologize for the inconvenience.