South San Francisco's only vape shop, The Vaping Buddha, welcomes new vapers and experienced users alike with its wide selection of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, and vape accessories (including batteries, chargers, cases, Cape Cod Cloths, NO-Ox ID "A-Special"). We are more than happy to help you select your very first ecig, walk you thru selecting a mech mod, or upgrading you to the latest genuine attys and mods.


The Vaping Buddha is also proud to announce its own line of ejuice, Buddha Juice, that we are quite proud to feature alongside other premium nicotine liquids such as Jameson's, Blueprint, The Standard, and Villain Vapors.


ALL of the eliquids The Vaping Buddha offers for sale are available for taste testing, either thru provided Ego Twist and Smok Aro clearomizers or in dripping bottles if you want to bring in your own setup.


Thanks for your interest, and we hope to see you here soon!


The Vaping Buddha

615 West Orange Ave

South San Francisco, CA

(650) 952-3596