Tesla Invader III 240W box mod The Vaping Buddha South San Francisco vape shop located in San Mateo County California SFO

Looking for a box but want one that will stand out against the crowd? The Tesla Invader III 240 WATT boxmod ($80 + FREE SHIPPING) is in at The Vaping Buddha and it is unlike most fancypants devices out there ;) Instead of power draining LED screens and Temperature Control functions, the Invader III has a simple mechanical potentiometer voltage adjustment wheel that fires a consistent 3.6 to 6.6v up to 240W depending on your build. Your 2x18650 batteries are wired in series and includes a Mosfet and a overheating sensor to protect your mod from excessive heat. I'm personally a fan of potentiometer dial mods, and this one looks so cool :) Come by to check it out in person at TVB, or ORDER ONLINE WITH FREE SHIPPING at http://www.TheVapingBuddha.com/!