CiggoT 100W subohm temperature control kit The Vaping Buddha South San Francisco vape shop located in San Mateo County California

Temp Control Rules Everything Around TVB! The CigGo T 100W TempControl boxmod kit ($90 + FREE SHIPPING) is in at The Vaping Buddha and it's a doozy :) Kit includes the CigGo boxmod... 100 WATTS firing down to 0.2, Temperature Control + VW, 2x2500mah internal batteries, and a wonderful grippy finish in grey, blue, and pink <3 The matching 3.5ml subohm tank features airflow and juice control with an installed Organic Cotton + Nickel (0.2ohm) coil. The kit is warrantied by the mfr for 6 months, making it a future-proof, hard to beat setup :) Come into TVB today to hold it yourself (comfy!), or ORDER ONLINE WITH FREE SHIPPING at!