Pinch me, the Kanger Subtank Mini is back in stock at The Vaping Buddha! :):) To celebrate I put together how I wick my vertical dragon coil on the INCLUDED RBA deck (nothing earth shaking, but some of yall asked ;))

1. Mount vertical coil of your choice. I prefer 3mm diameter to mimic bottom air hole size. This one's a parallel 26ga, about 0.4 ohms. Be certain coil doesn't touch deck.

2. Cut a thin strip of The Vaping Buddha's Organic Japanese ORIGINAL SAMURAI COTTON. Thin bc it'll need to swing around twice.

3. Pull thru and around coil into "U" shape. Don't pull too hard otherwise cotton will slip under space btw coil and deck.

4. Pull one end over and around, covering top of coil on open side.

5. Split a small section of cotton from the end you just wrapped around. Drape section over exposed leg.

6. Cut split section so leg is covered. Trim remaining cotton so that it brushes deck on both sides (I cut at 45 deg angle).

7. Wet cotton and mold to coil, making sure none is exposed. Keep cotton away from channels (see exposed deck). I use a thin pin to mold cotton and make sure none has been pulled into interior of coil.

8. Fire and look for hotspots.

9. Number nine, number nine... That's it!

Drop into TVB and pick up a Subtank Mini for yourself today, and let me know how you like to build yours! (Or ORDER ONLINE at Thanks to Bryan who inspired my vertical subohm tank builds :):)