The Romuluz is finally back in stock at The Vaping Buddha!!! TVB staff and vapefam favorite, THP's Romuluz is the ultimate genesis HYBRID mechmod on the market today.

Truly revolutionary tank swapping action- replace your juice without touching your build, and store it in the removable, replaceable pyrex threaded tank. Absolutely seamless tubes to accommodate all 18xxx battery sizes (I've left the THP Romuluz Sparks limited edition on the left unseated so you can compare, indistinguishable by eye.) Airflow cap has intuitive horizontal airslits and hole options, and half the cap's chamber is milled out to give a dense and flavorful vape. Dual side by side wickholes, along with a silicone stopper to further reduce chamber size in single coil mode... perfect specimen for stainless steel rope x ekowool builds. Best (?) part... at $200 ($215 Sparks limited edition) the Rom is an affordable, totally complete authentic setup. Honestly and truly one of our favorite devices ever. Drop by TVB to check them out... we sell out very quickly every time, fair warning!

Come see the new Trinity pyrex driptip while you're in... stainless, brass, and copper! 615 W Orange Ave South San Francisco CA