One of my favorite quotes from my childhood (adulthood too ;)) hero... "Let's go exploring!" The Explorer rebuildable dripping atomizer has arrived at The Vaping Buddha and we're pretty jazzed on this low-cost Chinese dripper.

The Explorer has solid/deck-built negative posts and airflow tabs on the dripwell lip, but isn't really a knockoff in logo or "replica" styling. Deep, deeeep well, 22mm for a flush look, tall posts, cyclops airhole cutouts in the cap sleeve that can be completely closed for pocket carry, removable top for ease dripping/checking on coils, and a pretty neat driptip too... all for $33 (!!) That's the cost of an aftermarket cap, so you can see why we're excited Come check out The Explorer today at TVB (or order online :)) 615 W Orange Ave South San Francisco CA