Looking for a 2puffs driptip? The Vaping Buddha has a huge selection to choose from... hybrid 2-piece 2puffs HDT, 2puffs ICE, 2puffs Wurl and 2puffs Black Wurl, 2puffs La Paz, 2puffs Copper Hybrid Knurl, and 2puffs Regal that can be split into two tips, the iconic 2puffs solid Copper Knurl, and elegant '2p' 2puffs with its 2puffs logo front and center. Speaking of front and center, TVB is so excited to feature the new 2puffs SCOPE driptip (front of photo)- 2 puffs' true WIDE BORE driptip with smooth, gently sloping inner walls that make dripping thru a breeze and a huge wide center for big, fast pulls. Come check out TVB's 2 puffs driptip selection today in store or ONLINE at The Vaping Buddha 615 W Orange Ave South San Francisco CA