Origen dripper clone in stock at The Vaping Buddha! Two super deep milled out dripwells flank a fat centerpost (with posthole!), perfect for vertical wicks and holding a ton of ejuice. The mixed brushed/polished stainless cap has 3 different sizes of dual airholes along with airflow control, so dialing in your air is a breeze. 22mm outer diameter gives you the flush look on your tube mods, and the reduced inner chamber/AFC gives you flavor and vapor usually only found in smaller diameter attys.

Build info: 2mm 7x19 stainless steel rope sleeved with 2mm hollow ekowool. 5 dual wraps of 28ga kanthal, .55 ohms. Any wicking material can be experimented with (along with horizontal coils!) in the Origen clone... I chose rope/eko since I'm already in love with rope's vertical wicking capabilities in a genny and figured it would translate and vape well here. Sleeving with eko reduces the chance of shorting and the ekowool's cut end splays open in the dripwell to wick every last drop to the rope. The combo makes for an efficient and stiff freestanding wick.

The Vaping Buddha has all the building supplies (ss rope, ekowool, round/flat kanthal, mesh, silica) you need as well... if you can dream it, you can build it!


The Vaping Buddha

615 W Orange Ave

South San Francisco, CA


Origen clone at The Vaping Buddha

Stainless Steel Cable Rope Wick (non-galvanized) 7x19

Genuine Ekowool; Amorphous Braided Silica

Kanthal A-1 Resistance Wire



[Asia's review of the Origen clone on Reddit's /r/electronic_cigarette forum here.]