Get the most from your mechanical mods with Cape Cod Polishing Cloths and NO-Ox Id "A-Special", both available now at The Vaping Buddha.

Cape Cod Polishing Cloths are soft cotton cloths premoistened with Cape Cod's Polish... Safe for use on all fine metals, there's no need for several different types of polish for your brass, stainless, copper or silver components. Cape Cod wipes away tarnish and brings out shine without scratching.

NO-Ox Id "A-Special" is the mech mod enthusiasts' choice for conductive grease... Unlike hardware store Noalox (that is rated only for aluminum and copper applications and contains zinc particulate), NO-Ox Id "A-Special" is appropriate for ALL mech metals per the manufacturer. A light application makes threads cleaner, smoother, and quieter. As it is conductive, it lowers voltage drop/loss across threadings, resulting in more useable power to your coil.

One cloth and one conductive grease to rule them all! Stop by and pick some up, your mod will thank you!

Cape Cod 12 Pack Polishing Cloths with Tin, Buffing Cloth and Gloves

Cape Cod 2 Pack in Resealable Pouch

NO-Ox ID "A Special" 2 oz Jar


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