The next generation of hybrids have arrived at The Vaping Buddha!


The Romuluz hybrid by Team Hotwire with its swappable tank system means no more messing with your build when you want to swap e-liquid... just remove your current tank and insert a new one with new ejuice and you're good to go! The milled top cap chamber is reduced for increased flavor and vapor, and it's natively set up to run dual side-by-side wicks with ease. Built in airflow cap gives vapers the choice of how much and where the airflow will go. Use the included hybrid adapter and slip the atomizer of your choice on top of the tube/s (18350, 18490, 18650).


Serialized with elegant Roman numerals, the Romuluz hybrid mechanical mod really is a sight to see.


We have the spare tanks, as well as the limited edition Spark model! Come by and check them all out today :)


Romuluz Hybrid 18350 18490 18650

Romuluz Hybrid "Spark" Edition 18350 18490 18650

Romuluz Spare Tank


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