V3tronix Flip mods in today! The incredible mechanical mod from V3tronix doesn't disappoint, and we're the first to admit looks even better in person than in pictures.


Made of Stainless Steel, it is "3D" CNC machined to achieve those amazing graphics. This results in incredibly deep and detailed artwork all over tube... A true work of art. Did we mention it's made and conceived in the USA?!


The V3tronix Flip has 24k D GOLD plated contacts, with a spring loaded (gold plated!) center pin for easy atomizer adjustment. Its unique "flip" method to quickly change battery sizes (18490, 18650, 18650+kick) will leave you amazed once you see it in action, no more screwscrewscrewing telescopics to fit your battery. A simple 3 1/2 turns has you ready to "flip" the tubes, and another 1/4 turn locks the button with ease.


Come check out the latest in American made mech mods at The Vaping Buddha!


The Vaping Buddha

615 West Orange Ave

South San Francisco, CA

(650) 952-3596